Professional Logo Design for Small Businesses

Does Your Logo Represent Your Business?

Your logo can have quite a bit of impact on how potential customers perceive you. If you have a well thought-out logo design that represents what your business does and comes across as professional then you are doing well... if not, maybe you need to consider a logo upgrade . At HatchWorks we feel that logo designs should be clean, sensible and easy to reproduce with consistency across all media (print and online). We pride ourselves in producing logo designs that reproduce sharply in all print and digital mediums. Check out some of our work by clicking here.

The Value of a Well-Designed Logo

Your logo should be designed with care and great attention to detail. It needs to represent who your company is and what services or products it offers. Companies such as Nike, General Electric, Chevrolet and MicroSoft have created "brand identity and awareness" with their logos and corporate image, which creates a powerful impact on their sales. Now it is likely that your company is not a multi-billion dollar company and you don't have the millions to spend trying to brand it. But, if you do not have a professional logo, it certainly may impact how your company is perceived as well as affect sales.

Logo Design Pricing

We can design logos for as little as $99, but our standard logo design package, which seems to fit many small businesses is $250. What do you get with this package? First we discuss your project, whether in person, through emails or over the phone. This is also a good time to let us know if you have any specific directions for your new logo. Next, we research your industry and check out what your competition is doing. Once we feel we  have enough information we start designing logo concepts. When we have three unique concpets we send them to you for review. Based on your feedback we tweak the design(s) until you are completely satisfied with the final logo.

Once the logo design is finalized, you will receive vector format EPS, TIFF, JPEG and PDF versions of the logo (for web and print).


All Our Logo Designs are Vector Format

What is vector format? Essentially this means your logo will be able to be resized to fit any need you may have... whether it is a store front sign or a logo for your business card or website. Whatever size you need you logo will reproduce with sharp crisp lines.



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